Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rise & Shine =)

Assalamualaikum wbth....n Salam 1 Malaysia:)

It has been a while since the last time i posted in my blog (about a year actually...huhu).... To be honest i'm not a kind of person who like to spend hours online on facebook, or blog such n such.. I dont know...maybe i dont have a faith in it...My friends and fans always complain about how seldom i get online or even update my facebook!

Actually i used to be a tech savvy and computer addict when i was in primary n secondary school...used to spend the whole night on computer (till i hear azan subuh..!).. thanks to that, my spec power now is 500+ !!.......But why now, even with the dazzling broadband speed, i kinda... don't bother?... I guess, maybe if we overdo something, we will get bored and tired eventually.... it was too much back then n i simply had enough. the age of 24, my ultimate passion is on music, music, music and photohography..;D
I also love travelling and learning human bahavior since I'm majoring in Psychology;)
It is so exciting to witness Allah's greatness through His creations!

Maybe i will try to regain my "prime" time of computing......writing a personal blog kinda feel good too...=)


  1. uhu rajenlah2 apdet. kekeke:P

    500++ banyak sgt tu. hoooohooo mine punye dua tahun tak naik2 lepas 300++. ohoooo :DD

  2. ngee =)
    betul betul betul
    kena selalu rajin mengupdate blog niyhh

    its fun !

  3. mmg lama btul abg adi x update blog. almost 6 months! :) mgkin faktor spec power mghalang.. :) will keep waiting your blog to be updated!:)

  4. yes absolutely photography is awesome.... and music is soul... keep it up akhi.. I'll support u whenever u are..